Turnpike North is a non-interactive, real-time scene inspired by Life is StrangeBRUISES, and Young Adult Fiction.

Note: This is not a game! This is just one, non-interactive scene.

I wanted to explore the following question:

What could a game like Life is Strange have looked like in the PSX era?

Color key

To achieve the PSX aesthetics, I'm using the HPSXRP (Haunted PSX Render Pipeline) for Unity.

This page is set up to document the development process. Enjoy!

Development log


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Purely art. I feel like I'm comfortably within the scene. The music is great, who made it?

The work on your polys are so precise. I'm looking forward to making time to read through the devlog. Thanks for all this info.

Amazing, just a question: on the description, you mentioned BRUISES as one of your inspirations, what is bruises?


Another one of my games ^^

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sweet teaser ..wait full game :*

Shouldn't it be several camera angles? I'm getting only one.

You're right! I still need to get those to run.

Looking forward to it)

This is so cool, excellent job, looking forward to it! :D


i love it, this is super inspiring. having those slight looping animations and the low-fidelity visuals would create a real nice place to stay in for a moment or two. im really excited to see some environments!!


Awesome, looking forward to it.