A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

onemore night is a Visual Novel created for the #gbjam 4.

A magical summer-themed game about friendship, love and getting drunk in nature. Three friends embark on a two-day camping trip before their last year of school begins. A trip they never want to end.

They want to stay one more night.

Game & Art - @leafthief (Stefan Srb)
Music & SFX - @cbstegeman (Craig Barnes, http://www.cb-sound.com)
Coding Support - @iossif and @SrbMichael

Install instructions

  1. Export the compressed folder.
  2. Run the executable


Arrow keys - Select
A, Space - Confirm selection


OnemoreNight_v1.1.1_Linux.zip 27 MB
OnemoreNight_v1.1.1_Mac.zip 27 MB
OnemoreNight_v1.1.1_Win.zip 25 MB


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Everything about this game was stunning. The portraits of the characters are beautiful, the whole audiovisual representation is very pleasing, the dialogues are well written and I just simply adored the atmosphere of this GBJAM 4 entry. You've managed to caught up this moment of an 'awakening', which we all lived through after our school time is done, in a perfect way. There's some sadness, but also some excitement in there, an odd hope for the future, but also a little tear because one realizes that soon such a night becomes the past. It's a wonderful interactive novel, and I think it would have deserved a much higher rating in the jam. <3 Thanks for this beautiful experience, which I gladly recommended in a praising article as well as uploaded a gameplay video of. :)

Best wishes,

Aww, such a shame it's short. But I like it nonetheless. The graphics are amazing!


Charming and natural. Love the use of audio stingers on emote/response.