A downloadable Vignette for Windows

Made for Two-Minute-Horror Jam

Old Gramsby Proverb
When a pale moon casts shadows after last light
and a feeling stirs: something's not quite right.
When a foul stench bears witness to deeds out of sight
then something is summoned in Gramsby tonight.


[W] [S] - Open/Close Door
[RMB] - Zoom


Art & Design by @leafthief
Music & Sound by Varhe Grigorijan

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
TagsHorror, Low-poly, PSX, vignette
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


The Gramsby Summoning (Win) 51 MB


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I don't know if I did it right, if I got the right ending or not, but I really loved the look of the monster and just how the mechanics worked. That you could only look for so long, and you had to kind of be watching to make sure your daughter got home safe! Your game is at 5:49!

Interesting little game, had fun

Cool game

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I gave this a go and it starts at 24:37

Was a fun little game! The creature reminded me of Cthulhu and was pretty freaky! Didn't know exactly what to do but was pretty interesting to play and fill in the blanks as one figures out why the girl would be sneaking back in! Great little game!


I love the visuals! Awesome game! 

I wish the girl would run faster! I think at the end the girl is safe? 

Cool game. Had no idea what to do the first time, but figured it out.

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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 2d there):


1. The mechanics were original and fascinating. This game is very impressive as short as it is.

2. The style is magnificent. Such a cool remote village.

3. I loved that when I thought I've found the good and bad endings, I replayed the game and heard screams I didn't hear before. That makes me feel that there might be something more that I've missed. (Though, I didn't really understand who screamed and why).


1. I didn't really understand why that monster would see me and attack me if his back is turned to me. Also, the good ending is pretty ambiguous (it's hard to understand that you've got a good ending).

2. There is not much of the story. The menu screen hints that the girl summoned the monster. But why? What for? I would really like to know! Maybe it would be nice to add some kind of epilogue?


Enjoyed the game a lot! Still, I have a feeling that the game lacks lore, so it feels a bit pointless. So, for me it's 4/5. Though, I can see how this can become a bigger project! And I would like that a lot!

Hope my feedback was useful!

I had fun playing this game, I'll admit I was clueless at first but then got the hang of it.

Here is the video:


This game is so cool, this is what i aspire to make someday!

Pour les Francophones !

Lovely but short game (which was the point) would love to get more lore into this, feels like it can grow into a full game

This was really cool! I loved the mechanic and I don't think i've seen it before. I think I got the good ending? It was pretty ambiguous so I'm not sure! Its the first game in my video.


This was so interesting! Please make more like this!

I can't praise this game enough, it was a great joy to play this, it's very unique and i just love the aesthetics! Love the way the monster looks and generally love the atmosphere in this game!

Thanks for the Let's Play and the kind words. I'm happy you had a good time with it!

Interesting game! I've never played a game with this unique mechanic, game is very frustrating but overall is a great game!

Thank you for playing!

The gameplay took me by surprise. Frustrating at first, but that's what makes the game mechanic so interesting. Well done dev! Hope to see more content added to this title.

Thanks for checking it out. Nothing will be added in the future.

Really interesting game!

Thanks for checking out the game!

i love it mate

check my simple game too please https://bigboyaarush.itch.io/ball-roller

i would really appreciate :)

The game has a super unique gameplay. I'm honestly suprised this hasn't be done more often. Beyond that, nice psx stylized game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for playing and the video!

This is art my friend. This game is well made and was pretty scary You have to do more of this series. I am hooked on this and want to see more of this world. 

I'm happy you enjoyed this little vignette! Congrats on getting to the good end. Thanks for the video.

It wasn't easy I tell you that. Hope you expand on this a bit more as I would like to see more of this universe.

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so sweet retro psx ...vote 9/10 

Glad you liked it!

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THINK  buld soon ..full story? or  fever short?

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Thanks for the kind words and the video! Glad you enjoyed it.


Eh, looks nice and interesting. But the game didn't scares or creeps me out at all. But I'll love the concept and would love to see another game like this.

Amazing idea, the graphic are really polished i've loved every second of it!

Thank you for the kind words. Take care!

I like the graphics a lot the monster actually looks pretty damn creepy and I didn't actually expect a bad end for messing up. The sounds are pretty spot on as well wish it was a bit longer and more interactive but a nice short little horror game!

My play through starts at 7:02 here: 

Oh wow this looks great leaf! Congrats! I will play when I got the time and write what I think :)

Thanks Anil, let me know what you think once you found the time.