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I love this game so much. It's my comfort game and it's so heartwarming ghfsdjla (also more cookie recipes would be cool!)

I wish the cookies had names,the first order I got asked for the pointy ones but a bunch of them have points. I didnt know which one I had to bake.

It is very good 💯

OMG loved it so much! I need more of these 😭

Very nice chill game, I loved the pixel/gameboy aesthetic :D

This is an amazing cozy game, I loved it.

ahhh i love it 


how do i start the game??

the c button (ik its a little odd)

this is AMAZING


i wanna bake the cinnamon stars IRL they looked soo good

omg this was so fun to play and it was super cute 10/10! <3

loved it overall story and controls are a 10/10! also loved the pixelated and calm atmosphere 

really cute game to play on the train or on the fireplace! 10/10 fun and cute

Cosy heartwarming game! a true gem! love it!


how do you play the game when you download it?? 

It's an actual GameBoy ROM. You need an emulator.

What emulator can you download thats compatible with the game? I have one on my phone called "myBoy" but it doesnt work

very cute ! I missed most of the questions lol

fun, cute and good!

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was so fun! I enjoyed looking up what kipferl was, and the end made me tear up a bit, it was really sweet. ^^

Love your artwork! Remembering all the ingredients and their location was a bit frustrating, found your guide too late. I enjoyed playing, it gave me an enormous nostalgia flashback <3

I love the game but to much talking.....💙

Gorgeous game!

Ah, what a wonderful game! So wholesome and fun, this is incredible!


Hope the wish in the snow comes true!

¿final version?

How did you make that 3D model? Did you use Block Bench? It looks awesome.

Referring to the 3rd picture in this page. You sir are heavenly. <3

This game was very cute!! Liked it!!

This game is so cute!! I love the gb nostalgia from it 😭❤️

I had so much fun playing it omg i love it

I love this so much! It's simple yet wholesome and very heart-warming. Very easy, both the gameplay and the tutorial. It really takes like 10 minutes or more to complete the game. It didn't take 1 hour to finish it. So yeah, give it a try! Anyways, thanks to leafthief! This game, do brings a smile to me

no lo e probado pero solo ese gif y las imagenes de cartucho retro se ganan u nespacio en mi kokoro

cute game

how do i interact with the characters?

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this game is adorable! i loved the little note at the right side as well ! thank u for this wonderful game <3

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i like how even though you get all the quiz answers wrong, you can still decorate the tree and everyone still appreciates what you did for them!


Yeah they say the same dialogue even if you get their orders wrong.  

How do I go to the next text, I'm just now stuck

Hey, button layout is a bit different with this one to conform to non QWERTY-keyboards.

This game uses C and X as interaction keys. 

Hope this helps!


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I'm really dumb, but how do you go to the next text when someone is talking?

nvm I got it

A really lovely game to play! Thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful little game. It was fun!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment <3

Small game full of charm that gives us a delightful experience!

Awww. I'm happy you enjoyed it!

The amount of detail in each canvas is crazy, you push the software to its limits !

Thank you for playing and leaving these kind words. Have a good day!

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