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Hope the wish in the snow comes true!

¿final version?

How did you make that 3D model? Did you use Block Bench? It looks awesome.

Referring to the 3rd picture in this page. You sir are heavenly. <3

This game was very cute!! Liked it!!

This game is so cute!! I love the gb nostalgia from it 😭❤️

I had so much fun playing it omg i love it

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Too bad we can't claim the game or even add to collection so I'm going to forget about this even though I want to play it.

r u sure we can't save to collection?? it worked for me when i did :)

I love this so much! It's simple yet wholesome and very heart-warming. Very easy, both the gameplay and the tutorial. It really takes like 10 minutes or more to complete the game. It didn't take 1 hour to finish it. So yeah, give it a try! Anyways, thanks to leafthief! This game, do brings a smile to me

no lo e probado pero solo ese gif y las imagenes de cartucho retro se ganan u nespacio en mi kokoro

cute game

how do i interact with the characters?

I LOVED IT SO MUCH <33 made my day a lot better


this game is adorable! i loved the little note at the right side as well ! thank u for this wonderful game <3

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i like how even though you get all the quiz answers wrong, you can still decorate the tree and everyone still appreciates what you did for them!


Yeah they say the same dialogue even if you get their orders wrong.  

How do I go to the next text, I'm just now stuck

Hey, button layout is a bit different with this one to conform to non QWERTY-keyboards.

This game uses C and X as interaction keys. 

Hope this helps!


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I'm really dumb, but how do you go to the next text when someone is talking?

nvm I got it

A really lovely game to play! Thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful little game. It was fun!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment <3

Small game full of charm that gives us a delightful experience!

Awww. I'm happy you enjoyed it!

The amount of detail in each canvas is crazy, you push the software to its limits !

Thank you for playing and leaving these kind words. Have a good day!

this is lovely!

Thank you for playing!

Can I ask what font you used for the text in-game?


Sure. It's a custom font. I created it pixel by pixel. It's easy to do in GB Studio it's as simple as editing an image.

Thank you. :)

This was so awesome! I really loved the art style, and the wholesomeness. I love it!

Glad you enjoyed it! Have a good day :)

What a delightful game. I really enjoyed it! It was a fantastic mix of simplicity and thoughtfulness. Great job! Thank you for sharing!

Aww. Thanks for the kind words. You having a good time makes me happy!

All of your games leave a lasting impression on me. I can't get enough.

That's so sweet. Thank you.

Such a cute little game. I love the more blueish tinted Gameboy Aesthetic! The Sprites are Adorable with great character designs and I really love the 3d ps1-rendered package and cartdrige designs!


Ha! Thanks. Glad you enjoyed my art.

Made a video



Great game! :-D


<3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Really cute game -- I love the mood, and the blue palette really reminds me of snow and the cold!

Thanks for the kind words!

The art style is amazing and I love the whole aesthetic of the game. I too am also working on a 2d game and would love to get some feedback I am just grasping how game dev works and have spent months on my own. - Here is the link to mine and I would love to hear from you

Thanks :)

What a lovely little game this is. It nails the Christmas spirit, is presented beautifully, is sweet and wholesome, and mechanically it's spot-on for a good time. I'll play this every Christmas like I watch my favourite Christmas films. Thank you! I wish there were some way to financially support your game/games - do you have a Patreon or something?

Unfortunately, I do not. I hope it will delight you for many Christmasses to come!

This was really wholesome, especially the ending! Leafthief you can definitely say you achieved you wish in more ways than one.

This made me smile.

What a precious little game that is!! While short and simple, playing it felt cozy and wholesome, it especially makes me happy seeing cookies that are common here in Austria! <3 Oh and i loove this little 3d model of the cardridge a lot.

Vanillekipferl! <3
I'm glad you had a good time with it. Thanks for sharing.

Really nice artwork and overall execution! I think the noise of the applause feels more terrifying than intended haha. Also, you could have used the menu music during the cooking as well, the shorter tune was quite repetitive.Other than that, very nice for what it is set out to be. 

True, I really missed the mark on the applause :). Good observations on the music. Thank you for your comment! 

I love the art style! And the game is fun to play too


I love that you made it like a game boy. It is very fun, and I am glad it was able to have a complete story!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Very interesting