[C] - A Button (Interact)
[X] - B Button
[Arrow Keys] - DPad (Movement)
[Shift] - Select (Recipe Book)
[Return] - Start (Menu)

How to play: 

  1. Listen to the cookie requests of your customers.
  2. Find the correct recipe.
  3. Gather all the necessary ingredients and
  4. Put the cookies in the oven!
  5. Check on the festival preparations every day!

COOKIES BAKERY is a GBStudio game that was made for the Secret Santa Jam, from leafthief for Dusk. The game can be played either in browser or downloaded as a Rom, to be played on the original Game Boy hardware or an emulator.

Game box and two cartridges (3d mockup)


Four days until the annual Winter Festival! It sure is a busy time in your bakery, but you will help your fellow citizens, by providing them with bite-sized calm and contemplation: delicious cookies!

  • Check in with the townspeople
  • Participate in the Winter Festival
  • Gather ingredients to bake a number of festive cookie recipes
  • Fulfill cookie orders and make your customers happy


  • Game by leafthief
  • made for Dusk in the Secret Santa Jam
  • GB Studio by Chris Maltby
  • Testing: Clio Em, Natalie Denk, Vahe Grigorijan, vanguard2k, k0arl
  • Inspired by 'Style Savvy', Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley

Gameboy-style Cartridge in 3d


Cookies Bakery (GB Rom) v1.0.3 512 kB


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Such a cute little game. I love the more blueish tinted Gameboy Aesthetic! The Sprites are Adorable with great character designs and I really love the 3d ps1-rendered package and cartdrige designs!

Made a video



Great game! :-D


<3 Glad you enjoyed it!

Really cute game -- I love the mood, and the blue palette really reminds me of snow and the cold!

Thanks for the kind words!

The art style is amazing and I love the whole aesthetic of the game. I too am also working on a 2d game and would love to get some feedback I am just grasping how game dev works and have spent months on my own. - Here is the link to mine and I would love to hear from you

Thanks :)

What a lovely little game this is. It nails the Christmas spirit, is presented beautifully, is sweet and wholesome, and mechanically it's spot-on for a good time. I'll play this every Christmas like I watch my favourite Christmas films. Thank you! I wish there were some way to financially support your game/games - do you have a Patreon or something?

Unfortunately, I do not. I hope it will delight you for many Christmasses to come!

This was really wholesome, especially the ending! Leafthief you can definitely say you achieved you wish in more ways than one.

This made me smile.

What a precious little game that is!! While short and simple, playing it felt cozy and wholesome, it especially makes me happy seeing cookies that are common here in Austria! <3 Oh and i loove this little 3d model of the cardridge a lot.

Vanillekipferl! <3
I'm glad you had a good time with it. Thanks for sharing.

Really nice artwork and overall execution! I think the noise of the applause feels more terrifying than intended haha. Also, you could have used the menu music during the cooking as well, the shorter tune was quite repetitive.Other than that, very nice for what it is set out to be. 

True, I really missed the mark on the applause :). Good observations on the music. Thank you for your comment! 

I love the art style! And the game is fun to play too


I love that you made it like a game boy. It is very fun, and I am glad it was able to have a complete story!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Very interesting