Your parents, your Nana and you have just moved to a remote location out in the country. Help them settle in and explore the wilderness around your Nana's house! It's said that there are spirits in this forest.

[C] - A button / Interact
[Return] - Start Button
[Select] (on title screen) - Load Game


  • All assets created in one week for GBJam8 by @leafthief
  • Engine: GB Studio by Chris Maltby
  • Music/SFX made with MilkyTracker
  • Graphics created in Asepriteby David Capello
  • Incredible Support by my own little family, thank you! 💖
  • Inspired by Studio Ghiblis "My Neighbor Totoro"

Install instructions

[C] - A button / Interact
[Return] - Start Button
[Select] (on title screen) - Load Game


An Autumn With You GB ROM 66 kB


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i really love Your game ,the music is good and the people are so cute,but there’s some bug are really frustrating me,when I go to the forest,the game will start over again,I don’t remember how many times I pick letter for father

i love the graphics and music of this game! i think the theme song will be stuck in my head for a while :P

Only just recently discovered that people are still making games for the gameboy and this is a treat.Lovely art style and music. I was stuck after feeding the Wichu where the parents did not move into the study (had a peek on a youtube walkthrough to find out how to proceed) seems like a glitch . Had to replay it and on second playthrough was able to get to the end.I played on original Gameboy Micro via flashcard and the picture does not do justice to how sharp it looks in real life.

Wow that's so cool. Thank you for sharing this pic!

What are you supposed to do after feeding the Wichu? I tried interacting with pretty much anything, but didn't get any results...

Also, for some reason pressing right shift resets the game...

This reset is not a *true* reset: rather, it resets most things, but not all. Namely, you can't remake the cocoa. Also if you help out both of your parents, it doesn't make them go into the study: instead, they will stand at opposite ends of the table.

You have to go back home and peek throught the study keyhole!

very nice thank you!

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I can clip through the right bookshelf in the dining room.

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I'm stuck. Nana is asking if the pichu is still in the woods. I have done everything I can (I think.) I have the fish. Not quite sure what to do in the woods. What is "clicked" when going over that one part in the woods? Great game, though, as always!

There's a puzzle in the woods. (It might have to do with the stones and walking over them in the right order, who knows? )


Thank you!! <3

What are the .map and .sym files that come in the zip file?

I can't tell you. This is the format that GBStudio builds. They might not be needed after all. 

also where even is the fishing rodd?

In the Trunk

i got stuck on the part where gran said "is that pinchu still in the woods how do i beat that part please help


how do I feed the Pichu???

It likes fish!

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This looks cool :) Do you have a palette file to use when playing in an emulator, or is there one you recommend? I'd like to play with the intended colors if possible

Edit: Never mind, my emulator doesn't pick up the palette information unless it's explicitly loaded as a gameboy color rom. I changed the extension to .gbc and it works as intended. Sorry for the confusion

I believe I did something out of sequence, they were in the room shouting and I hadn't given the mom Cocoa.  Cute game otherwise.

Great style, art and a well composed narrative.


What a great & fun-to-play GBStudio game! Well done.

I actually cried at the end. Beautiful game!

Awesome game! Really beautiful,gave me a studio ghibli vibe. I loved the mechanics and simple but evocative story.  The art and map layout gave a really wonderful and familiar sense of space. This is super inspiring!


beautiful <3


This game is so beautiful! I agree with everyone I would love to see even more!

Very cute game! I loved it :)

I loved the game. Can't wait to see what you do with it, if you plan on adding more. 

SO cute!


Beautiful sprites and art, amazing atmosphere and game. Very touching too. Great job!