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oh wow what a sad game, very well-made though...:(((


Really interesting game here, had a pretty good story I think. The pixel art was really well done, and the music helped set the tone of the game. I enjoyed playing it and made sure to tell people to support the devs, and left a link to the game, on both and Gamejolt.

So I've had your game bookmarked for awhile. I finally got around to checking it out. I love point and click games, especially ones that cause me to become emotionally invested in the character. I was surprised how quickly I became invested. Perhaps it's because I have a husband, a daughter and health issues as well, though not quite this major. The music is very fitting. The art style is really good and I love it. I feel like the choices are varied enough when answering other characters. I really liked this and I hope maybe you will continue it one day.

Also there is a typo on the Should when you speak to "the girl" when you are in the hospital. Should is spelled sould. Thought you'd like to know :-) Have a great day!