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Isn't the tape supposed to fix the shreds and/or torn message? Nothing happens when I click it on either of them. I am using the fixed version.

I'm stuck at fixing the stencil, the "e" in "bitches" won't settle into place...


The graphics are amazing. They tell me I need to play this

I seem to get stuck in the second room. I found a YouTube video that shows tape in the deco box, but I just get a message saying "It's already open". Also clicking on the shreds and the torn message gives a confusing double message of "i don't want this garbage" followed by "maybe i can fix this". Am I doing something wrong or did I hit a bug?


Also I tried both versions on Windows... no luck.

I'm sorry, you hit a bug. Right-clicking the box will geet you the tape. I have to see when I find time to fix the issues. 

Ah! Thank you!

I was able to get it and finish... really lovely~

It's about skateboarding. And the power of forgiveness. And it's a perfect coffee-break size too.

this was lovely! great unfolding of the narrative through engaging and minimal gameplay:)

Not sure if the Post-Jam fix helped on Windows; it won't recognize the Keep Ridin' Bitches stencil as complete, so I can't go on from there. Other than that it's great and I'd love to come back and play a fixed version

Looks great? Please upload web version to play in browser


Loved it, the note part was difficult (the sensitivity's still off) but I was able to make it work eventually! Unfortunately it never recognized the photo as finished so I couldn't proceed from there. :( Love the style, gameplay and writing though, hope to be able to finish playing soon!

Im stuck with the fixed note, spray can and tape. I cant do anything? Or am I just dumb lol


Hey, sorry. It's likely you ran into a bug. I've updated the post-jam builds with a fix, in case you're still interested. 

Oh, neat! Thank you!

amazing so far, love the music, very chill! stuck at the same message part too


Hey, thanks for playing and sorry. It's likely you ran into a bug. I've updated the post-jam builds with a fix, in case you're still interested. 

Looks great, the writing is really good so far, but I'm stuck on repairing the message.

Deleted 82 days ago

Hey, I uploaded a version with post-jam fixes (adding an outline to the letter puzzle) so it should be a bit easier. 

Also find a solution below:

(1 edit)


Still having trouble. I had all the other pieces locked in so I knew I had it right overall. I just couldn't find the exact pixel this last piece was supposed to go.

From my experience, I couldn't complete the puzzles when using the video settings x2 x4 etc... The only one that worked is fullscreen "stretch, respect aspect ratio", I think the upscaling kinda mess up the hitboxes.


So sorry it didn't work again :/ Thanks for your patience and for keeping to try it. I'm trying my best to fix it and have increased the detection area for the pieces, but there's still a chance the issues will occur. :(

I was able to complete it! According to the LD rules you're allowed to update your original build with bug fixes, so I don't think it would be unreasonable to backport this fix to your non-post-jam build.